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Marble Bathroom

Granite, Marble or Travertine: Which Stone is Right for You?

Designing with Marble

Whether your room is meant for work or play, when you design your space you want it to look absolutely perfect. This means choosing the right natural stone for your needs. In order to pick successfully, you have to get to know granite, marble, and travertine a little better. Granite, marble, and travertine...

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Redesigning Your Home With Cuban Tile

Designing with Marble

When people see Cuban tiles they think of pops of color and adding a little pizazz to any space. The truth is, whether you’re looking for an intricate design or a sophisticated style, using Cuban tiles in the home is a fantastic route to take. Cement tiles came into the design world in...

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Color Companions: The Best Colors to Match and Color Combinations to Avoid in your Home

Designing with Marble

Some colors go together like bread and butter. A chocolate crystal granite countertop with soft beige walls? A winner for sure. Beautiful marble walls in white wooded bathroom? Genuis! But what color should you paint your walls when you want a bold countertop or floor color?  Picking and choosing the best color combinations...

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