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marble finish

Your Field Guide to Different Marble Finishes

Designing with Marble

Marble is a unique stone to work with. It can be used to create a classic, historical elegance while also being seen as chic and modern in newer home designs. How do you want your marble to look when your project is complete, and how high-traffic is the area you are placing the...

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Tips For Keeping Your Limestone Clean

Designing with Marble

When you think of Spring Cleaning, you may picture cleaning out closets and dusting forgotten spaces, but what about your natural stone? Using limestone in your home design has many benefits. It is versatile, meaning you can use it in different spaces from your counters to your backsplashes. It is also durable and...

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Great Stone Selections for Bartops

Designing with Marble

Whether it’s a commercial bar or a joy in the home, your bar is where people gather to relax, sip a drink, and have fun. Your bartop should be durable, pleasing to the eyes, and should suit your style. From marble to granite and everything in between, there is no shortage of great...

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