A Beginner’s Guide to Marble Countertops

A Beginner’s Guide to Marble Countertops

Natural stone is a beautiful and versatile option for any countertops you have in your home. Marble is a favorite of many as it comes in a variety of style and adds an unmatched elegance to any space.

Marble is often considered to be the holy grail of household countertops. While classic marble is known for its iconic white background amidst dark veining, every slab of this natural stone is completely unique. Used for bathroom and kitchen countertops as well as fireplaces, flooring, and vanities, marble is a great choice for making a classic statement.

While beautiful, choosing the right marble for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. Here is a beginner’s guide to marble countertops.

Marble Finishes

There are two different types of marble finish: honed and glossy. Glossy will have a polished, shiny appearance while honed refers to the matte option. The choice comes down to personal preference, but there are upsides to both. For example, selecting a matte finish will also help prevent scratches from visibility, but does not look as sleek as the polished version.

Marble Care

When it comes to a proper beginners guide to marble countertops, learning how to care for your marble is going to be at the top of the list. Marble is a fantastic choice for countertops, but it requires some care to keep it in pristine condition.

Marble is a porous stone, meaning it is susceptible to stains and scratches. Evenly sealed countertops will help prevent staining and etching. This natural stone is also sensitive to acidity, so be especially mindful of what household cleaners you are using on your marble countertops.

Marble Colors and Slabs

Since each marble stone is unique it’s important to pick the longest slab you can to ensure all of your pieces flow together. When you think of marble you probably envision creamy whites behind gray veining. This is the classic Carrara marble look. That being said, from veining patterns to colors, there are literally hundreds of varieties of marble to choose from. Colors marbles in gold, red, green, and taupe are all available.

Classic white marbles are often recommended for countertops since they hide imperfections better than colored stone.

The Cost of Marble

Marble is a natural stone that will add an opulent ambiance to any space and it’s more affordable than you might have thought. Come use Marmol’s marble counter quote estimator and start designing your perfect kitchen today.

Choosing what marble you want for your countertop is an exciting process. This beginner’s guide to marble countertops ensures that when you choose a gorgeous marble countertop you know exactly how to keep it in tip-top shape. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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