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Dining Room Decorating Don’ts

For most homes, the dining room area needs to be a space that is a good mix of functionality and style. From large holiday dinners and extravagant get-togethers, to weeknight meals with the family, the dining room really is a very useful room. Whether you are making small changes to the décor, or completely redesigning the whole look of your dining room space, here are some decorating “don’ts” to keep in mind!



Don’t Overwhelm the Room

While home magazines often show dining room areas with massive furniture, large centerpieces, and sizeable chandelier lighting, this concept is not always practical for every space. Before you go shopping, be sure to take measurements of your dining room and do a quick drawing of the space as well. Always take into consideration how much space will be needed around the table for chairs to be pulled out, guests to maneuver, and entertaining activities to be done. When it comes to centerpieces and lighting, make selections that will complement the size of the table without overpowering it.

Don’t Clutter the Surfaces

Accent pieces and knick-knacks placed throughout the dining room really can add character and beauty, but too much can compromise the function of the room. If your décor items take up too much space, it may not be easy for guests to eat or there may not be adequate surfaces to place serving or entertaining necessities on. Even if your dining room is only used for special occasions, and not daily meals, keep in mind the space that will be need to be functional at some point, and plan your display items accordingly.

Don’t Match Every Color

Color is wonderful, and should always complement, but a mono-hued dining room will be sterile, cold, and often unwelcoming. Experiment with different color patterns, shades, and tones, mixing and matching pieces together. If your wall colors are very light and indistinct, consider using bright pops of color in table décor, like with a centerpiece or wall art. If you plan to change your dining décor seasonally, it is a great idea to use a neutral base for furnishings and walls, so that nearly any seasonal color choices will flow with the room without major changes.

Don’t Stifle Your Creativity

As with nearly any home décor project, the dining room that will be perfect for you will be the one that reflects your unique style and creativity. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your decorating choices and add touches of personality as you design.

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