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Best Uses for Granite

Granite is a building material that is popular for use in interior and exterior décor. It has been the low-maintenance choice for many homeowners looking to incorporate natural stone in their home.

Granite can be used for a variety of uses that include paving, buildings, monuments, bridges, countertops, tile floors and more. Quarries located around the world  produce a variety of colorful granite such as blue, brown, pink, red, grey, white, black and green. While these colors are popular choices for many homeowners, there are an abundance of color combinations to choose from that will suit your decorating taste perfectly.

Over the years granite has been used for a variety of uses. Below is a list for the best uses for granite.

Kitchen Countertops – Granite provides an elegant look to any kitchen countertop or center island. Many homeowners choose granite as their preference for their counter top due to its durability, water and heat resistance and easiness to keep clean. Explore a more traditional route with a granite like White Delicatus or add some color with one like Labradorite.

Bathroom Vanities – Since granite is resistant to mold and water it makes an excellent choice for bathroom vanities. You can turn your bathroom into a luxurious style spa with the perfect shade and color of granite that fits your décor. Go for a neutral color, like Astoria, or a more bold pick, like Blue Bahia.

Backsplashes – Protect your walls and add a more elegant look to your kitchen with a granite backsplash. As mentioned before, this material works well in a kitchen space due to it’s durable nature. You can either opt for a unique pattern (such as Black Marinace), making your backsplash a statement piece, or use the same granite as your countertop for visual continuity.

Flooring – Granite tiles, like Black Absolute, make for a fabulous and sleek addition to your overall space. You can create a checkered look by also throwing a light-colored marble, like Crema Marfil, into the mix. See a project example of this here.

Fireplace Mantles – Your fireplace will turn into a main focal point in the room when using granite. Choose a granite color that will stand out and attract the eye to the mantle, like Titanium.

These stunning uses for granite will surely add sophistication, balance and elegance to any home. Whether you choose to use it indoors or outdoors, be sure to make your design choices carefully. Granite is long-lasting and your granite décor and design choices will be the focal point in your home for many years to come. See Marmol’s full granite collection here or contact one of our design specialists to find the right granite for your project.

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