Fall Outdoor Decor

Decorating Your Outdoor Space for Fall

The crisp, cool air of fall has arrived and there is no better time to decorate your outdoor spaces for the autumn season than right now. From pumpkins and colorful leaves to scarecrows and winter berries, even the most novice decorator is sure to find ways to make their outdoor space beautiful and unique this time of year. Not sure where to start? Here are our top 3 outdoor decorating areas and some great tips on how to create simple, yet fabulous, décor arrangements for each one!

The Front Door

Curb appeal is important for every home and the front door is usually a focal point that should not be neglected. When decorating your front door for fall, a great idea is to start with a centerpiece on the door and build out from there. Our favorites include fall wreaths, festive autumn signs, or a hanging basket with a seasonal floral arrangement inside. Next, consider sprucing up the flooring area with a rug, or décor items that can sit near the door for interest. Want to do just a little bit more? Many doors look wonderful with fall themed garland as an added detail.

The Deck or Patio

Just because the temperatures are cooler, doesn’t mean that your outdoor patio or deck area should hibernate for the winter. Keep it looking beautiful, and ready to use! Add colorful rugs to the flooring areas, replace your annual flowers with cold hearty varieties, such as mums, and add a centerpiece for fall to your outdoor table area. Still feeling a bit frosty? A tabletop propane heater, fireplace, or gas fire bowl makes a great eye catching décor feature, and adds warmth too!

The Mailbox

Adding a little fall sparkle to your outdoor mailbox space is a great way to show your holiday cheer to neighbors, the mail carrier, and all those who drive by. If you have a freestanding mailbox, wrapping the post with autumn colored foliage is an easy décor idea to try. Pair this with seasonal flowers, pumpkins, or some other fall item sitting around the base for a complete look. If your mailbox is attached to others or to your home, and has a flat surface, an outdoor centerpiece may work best. Looking for an idea that the kids can help with? A mailbox decal that easily clings and then removes is a fun way to add a little holiday spirit to your mailbox!

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