Kitchen Countertop & Backsplash

Selecting the Right Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This is the place where family and friends gather together to cook, eat and entertain. The tone of the design and décor exudes a certain feeling that can carry through the home.

Choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen is essential to creating the look you desire for the rest of your kitchen, while still complementing the overall style of your home. Whether you are experienced or new to the idea of a kitchen backsplash, you will want to assure you choose the one that is best suited for your space.

Tiles, Textures and Colors

First, you will want to decide your top color and texture selections. Get with a design specialist to request samples of each option and get some insight as to their suggestions. One of the best ways to make a decision regarding kitchen backsplash is to live with it.

Place your options on your kitchen wall where the backsplash will be. See how it complements the cabinets, countertops, stove and refrigerator. Remove any options that clash or cause an ill emotion. The remaining options that are possibilities should remain on the wall. If you notice that two of the backsplash options coordinate well together, see if you can create a unique combination.

Consider the Wear and Tear

If you are a person or family that cooks frequently and spends plenty of time in the kitchen, you will want to consider wear and tear when choosing your backsplash. Tile and materials that are durable and long lasting should be top considerations for you. This will help avoid having to replace the backsplash after some years.

During the testing and sample phase, have each family member that lives in the household voice their opinion. Find which one is the most popular and listen to any ideas others have to offer. Sometimes the most simple answer or response to a backsplash can speak volumes. If you find that at first glance family members quickly comment positively on a specific option, you will want to consider it one of your top options.

Take time and consideration when selecting the best suited kitchen backsplash for your home and create the ultimate kitchen.

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